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Petrol Storage Certification

Gloucestershire County Council is the Petroleum Enforcement Authority for Gloucestershire and this function is administered by the Trading Standards Service.

This means that we issue petrol storage certificates where appropriate and enforce the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations to ensure that petrol filling stations are built and operated safely.

The Petroleum (Consolidation) Regulations may affect you if you store petrol in one of the following circumstances:

  1. You are a workplace that stores petrol in a tank for dispensing by electrical or mechanical pumping in to the fuel tank of an internal combustion engine. This will cover retail petrol filling stations and business with their own non retail petrol tanks and pumps, for example of golf course or farm with a petrol storage tank and petrol pump for fuelling lawn mowers etc. In such circumstances, you will need to apply for a petrol storage certificate.
  2. You are a non workplace private individual, club, association or group that stores more than 30 litres of petrol. If you store up to 275 litres, you will need to notify us in writing annually. If you store more than 275 litres, then you will need to apply for a petrol licence (not a petrol storage certificate).


How long does a storage certificate last?

Once issued, a petrol storage certificate has no expiry date although you will have to pay a fee which can be paid annually or up to 10 years in advance. However, you will need to notify us if you want to make a prescribed material change. This means:

  1. The cessation of use of one or more of the petrol storage tanks.
  2. The removal or permanent decommissioning of one or more of the petrol storage tanks.
  3. The installation of any tank, pipework or vapour pipework associated with the storage and dispensing of petrol.
  4. The installation of any petrol pump, any other automotive pump, or dispenser in a new location.

If a prescribed material change is undertaken, the previous petrol storage certificate will expire and a new one will be issued when we are satisfied that the petrol infrastructure is safe for the continued storage of petrol.


How to apply for a storage certificate

If you are planning to build a new petrol filling station or are considering making material changes to an existing petrol filling station, please contact us to discuss this no less than 28 days before any changes are due to take place.


I’ve got a petrol storage certificate, what else do I need to do?

As stated above, we also enforce the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations which place obligations on employers who run business that handle dangerous substances including petrol. Broadly speaking, you will need to undertake a risk assessment of your petrol infrastructure to ensure that the control measure you have in place to prevent fire and explosion are adequate. You can find out more by referring to the publication – “Guidance on managing the risks of fire and explosion (The Red Guide)”.


I am planning to sell the site. What do I do?

A petrol storage certificate is issued to the site, not the owner of the site so it remains valid when you sell the site. However, the regulations require that you tell us at least 28 days before you leave the site that you intend to so do. The new occupier of the site also needs to tell us at least 28 days before they take over the site.


I am planning to close my petrol site. What do I do?

An occupier of land has the duty to make any “derelict” petrol tank safe. This will involve either the petrol tanks being removed from the ground and safety disposed of, or safely decommissioning the tanks in situ by filling by an approved method. An unused petrol tank, even if empty, contains petrol vapour which is extremely hazardous. If you are a work place, the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations will still apply to your petrol tanks until they are fully decommissioned.


Our contact details

For general licensing enquiries please contact:

Petroleum Officer - Rob Cardew   Tel: 01452 887655

Deputy Petroleum Officer - Matt Thomas   Tel: 01452 887672



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