Recently Reported Scams

Trading Standards receive warnings and reports of scams that are affecting the local residents.  On this page you will find brief details of these.  They do change quickly but generally they will follow the same pattern:

1 - "Cold Call" - You haven't approached them, they approach you.

2 - There is a time limit to the offer or warning.

3 - They require some form of payment or information from you.

Solar/Green Energy ... "Your roof might catch fire"

If you are contacted out of the blue by a company claiming to be taking over from your previous maintenance company please check this out before signing up.  We've also had reports of companies saying that due to a change in legislation there is work that needs to be carried out by law to stop your roof catching fire... we've have checked this out and we cannot find any new legislation or any reason to suggest that complainants roofs will catch fire! Beware of claims that force you to make a decision on the spot.  

Identity Fraud

It's possible to spoof the name displayed on an email, create headed paper and even display a banks name when you receive a text message.  If you receive any communication from your bank, a Government department or similar then they will already know your information.  If you need to respond, find contact details through their website or using the number of the back of your bank card.  Never click links in an email or use the website / telephone numbers on communication from them.  


Courier Fraud

To the average person this might sound like a "typical" scam but you would be surprised by how many people fall for it.  The callers can put pressure on you and will sometimes know a lot about you already.  

They will call and tell you that they are from the Police or Fraud Team of your bank and that they are investigating fraud or internal thefts. You will be instructed to remove a large amount of money from you bank account and give it to a "Police Officer" who will come to your house to pick it up. 

Fraud investigations are not carried out like this.  Don't be persuaded, you will only lose your cash.


Lottery or Inheritance Scams

There is a simple message here, if you haven't entered a lottery or don't know the person who has died and left you "million of dollars" in inheritance, let's be clear ... this is going to be a scam! 

Whilst at times there may be logo's that you know, organisation names that you recognise, you will never win something without first entering a competition.  Please don't respond or click on any links in an email.


Dating or Romance Scams

This type of scam affects all genders and all walks of life.  If the person you have been talking to online starts explaining that they are short of money or need a loan then you need to stop and ask yourself if you really know this person and their intentions. Are you really sure of their identity?  Is this really the start of a beautiful relationship or are you just another victim?  Our advice - don't give them your money!


Computer Software Fraud (Including hacking)

You may receive a pop up on your screen warning you that you have accessed an illegal site, it may be a warning that there is a critical error on your computer.  Either way there will be a form available to enter your card details to make the problem go away.  Research shows the average loss is recorded at £600.

If you experience this type of pop up then turn the computer off and take it to a recognised specialist. 

Always keep anti-virus software up to date and don't click on sites or links that you aren't 100% sure of. 


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