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Radiation Emergencies

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Radiation is part of everyday life. We are all exposed to radiation from natural sources e.g. radon gas and manmade activity e.g. for medical reasons.

The likelihood of a radiation emergency that could impact on Gloucestershire is extremely low, as work with ionising radiation or the transport of radioactive material is strictly regulated. The Emergency Services and authorities have plans in place to respond to any radiation emergencies.  Whilst unlikely, the release of radiation could potentially occur:

  • As a consequence of an accident where radioactive material is being transported through, near to or above the county by road, rail or aircraft.
  • A national/ international major radiation incident that could potentially impact on the UK/parts of the UK. The Chernobyl incident led to food production restrictions in parts of the UK.
  • In the very unlikely event of a large aircraft crashing directly onto the Active Waste Vaults at Berkeley Site.

Please note that Berkeley Site is a decommissioning site and there is no longer any radioactive fuel onsite. Even if the above unlikely aircraft crash occurred, the amount of radiation potentially released would not be at a level to cause any harm to the general public.

For more information on Berkeley Site please click here.

Page updated: 23/10/2020 Page updated by: Civil Protection Team

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