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February Saturday event @ the Heritage Hub

You can find details of our next free event at 1pm on Saturday 4th February, If Walls Could Talk, via this link.  It's advisable to pre-book, and you can do this through the link.

'Read All About It' Exhibition

Read All About It Exhibition wall with a selection of six framed newspaper clippings

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An online exhibition titled 'Read All About It: a glance back at Gloucestershire’s historic newspapers'

Travel back through time and read Gloucestershire’s Historic Newspapers. Find out about the introduction of the Gloucester Journal, what has stayed the same in the world of journalism, what’s changed and what used to happen when there was no news to report - you might be surprised.

Discover twenty clippings from newspapers of the past. Learn about paper choices in 1439, land adverts in 1781 to a news story regarding the sailing of Brunel’s SS Great Western in 1839.

Did you know in 1712 they introduced the Stamp Act? A new tax for publishers, particularly of newspapers.
Growing tired and resentful of criticism of official policies, Governments tried to subdue publications by various means including censorship, licensing, taxation, bribery and prosecution. The Stamp Act of 1712 levied a tax of a penny per whole newspaper sheet, a halfpenny for a half sheet and one shilling per advert contained within.

Find out more fascinating insights into the history of Gloucestershire's newspapers throughout the online exhibition.

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