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Delivering our ambitions

As an authority, we must continue to ensure we are an organisation fit for the future, in order to deliver on our commitments and fulfil our strategic leadership role. That is why we have set ourselves such an ambitious and challenging strategy for the next four years.

Getting our own house in order

To remain fit for the future, there are also a number of operational improvements we will need to deliver:

We are investing in replacing our core infrastructure. This will increase security and allow our staff to be as productive as possible, making it easier to work with colleagues and partners. The next phase includes developing our workforce’s digital skills and our ability to use digital innovation to improve customer experience.

is a key priority within our Workforce Strategy. We are aiming to recruit from the widest pool of talent and to benefit from a diverse and inclusive workforce where all can flourish and progress. We have developed a three year workforce action plan which includes:

  • Increasing workforce diversity;
  • Inclusive strategies and policies;
  • Collecting, analysing and publishing workforce data;
  • Equality and inclusion learning and development;
  • Improved health and wellbeing for all.

We are reviewing and transforming our approach to strategic procurement to ensure the council gets the best possible value for money from its suppliers. This includes modernising our procurement and contract management IT systems to give us better, more complete oversight of our contracts, to help us plan further ahead and to identify opportunities to secure better deals by joining our buying power across the council and beyond.

Some roles which were already hard to fill are increasingly difficult following the pandemic, and this can impact our ability to deliver critical services and impacts on our partners. We will develop ways to improve the recruitment and retention of staff in the hardest to fill areas and support our partners and providers to do the same.

We have already begun to provide the tools, technology and support that will help our staff to work in a more flexible way, travel less, work more easily with others and achieve a better work / life balance. This will continue to be an area of focus. Alongside this, we hope that Government will legislate to allow council meetings to take place on a virtual or hybrid basis, allowing us to take advantage of the opportunities that provides.

We will continue to review the council’s estate and how we make best use of it. This will include continuing to modernise and adapt the Shire Hall complex to make it accessible, fit for purpose and more suitable for agile working.

We will continue to look for opportunities to combine space across the council and with our partners; proactively seeking ways to reduce the council’s carbon footprint and increase renewable energy generation.

We have already implemented the IT infrastructure that will allow us to roll out a new generation of business intelligence and analytics tools across the council. The next phase will be to develop these to provide us with a better understanding of service need and performance, laying the foundations to be able to benefit from developments in artificial intelligence and applied analytics.

Social value is an approach that seeks to secure additional social, economic and environmental benefits for local people and communities from everything the council does. We will put in place a social value policy and provide officers with tools to help them build social value into the way the council designs, delivers and commissions its services.

We will also monitor and report the impact of this work to make sure it is making a difference.


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