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Quality Visits

What to Expect from a quality visit and the forms and documents used by the Quality Team

The Quality team's Quality Review Officers visit service providers and carry out full reviews into whether the provider is delivering a high standard of care and fulfilling their contractual obligations. Their visits may be announced or unannounced (except for supported living placements that are always announced) and are based on a Quality Assessment Framework tool. The Quality Review Officers collect information about providers by looking around the service, talking to the staff and service users, and looking at documentation.

Attached are examples of:

Supported Living
An example of Quality Assessment Framework: Supported Living Quality Questionnaire (Mar 15)
An example of a Best Practice Guidelines: Best Practice Guidelines Supported Living (Feb 15)

Residential Homes
An example of Quality Assessment Framework: Residential Living Quality Questionnaire (Mar 15)
An example of a Best Practice Guidelines: Best Practice Guidelines Residential Homes (Feb 15)

Following their visit, the Quality Review Officers may develop a scored action plan with time scales for each action to improve any issues found during the visit. The Quality Review Officers will provide guidance and help to realise best practice, wherever possible.  

Quality reviews and scoring explanation.

How will we recognise good practice?

Quality Review Officers highlight good practice in their quality reports and action plans. Good practice will be celebrated and shared with all Providers at Provider Forum's. Provider Forum's are information events held by Gloucestershire County Council, where all Providers can attend and are good networking opportunities. Good quality services will be recognised by the Quality Team and this will be shared with Commissioners, when looking to move people into their new home.

What happens if the quality team identifies some areas for improvement?

The Quality Review Officers will send the Provider an action plan with their quality report. The action plan will tell the Provider what they need to improve and when they need to do this by. The Quality Review Officer will re-visit the service and look at what the Provider has done to address each action point. This may take a couple of visits before the action plan is completed.

If the Provider does not address the actions in the given time then the Quality Review Officers will follow the Disability Quality Improvement Pathway.

Who has access to the information gathered from the quality visits?

The Quality Review Report will not be shared with families, service users or members of the public and will be kept internally by the council and its parties. Family members and people with disabilities are advised to approach providers directly, if they wish to request a copy of a quality report. There are plans underway to think through how quality information can be externalised in future.

With your permission, we will highlight and celebrate examples of best practice. We also have an information sharing protocol with CQC and the Council's Safeguarding Team to ensure we share critical information around people's safety.

Which providers receive quality checks?

The quality team currently quality checks supported living schemes, residential homes, domiciliary care services and day centres in Gloucestershire. In the future, the quality team will also quality check assessment and treatment units, Gloucestershire County Council's day centres and respite services, mental health supported accommodation, self-directed support and children's services.

DrivingGloucestershire County Council is proud to be one of the first local authorities to sign up to the Driving Up Quality Code. This is a statement that we agree to listen to the people we support, and to commit to driving up quality. If your service has not done so already, we recommend that you sign up to the Code to show your support and complete a self-assessment to assess what is good and bad within your organisation. You can find more information on signing up at

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