Focus on leadership

We are focussing on leadership and its vital role in creating diverse and inclusive organisations.

We will examine how societal and structural racism continues to impact on BAME employee progression. We will also focus on the business case for inclusion and focus on the role of leadership in breaking down the barriers that currently exist.

The resources are designed to provide an insight into the issues that BAME employees face but will also provide some tangible solutions that can be readily employed to overcome them.

Business in The Community (BITC) Race at Work Campaign

The Race at Work Campaign was established by HRH the Prince of Wales in 1995 with the support of business leaders who recognised the demographic shift in existing and future populations in the UK. The campaign celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2020.

The Race at Work campaign is committed to empowering employers to tap into this economic potential by accelerating change and progression for black, Asian, and mixed / multiple ethnic group employees in the workplace.

It works with a network of employers from private and public sectors to offer tailored, practical advice and share new insights to drive change. It has undertaken two Race in the Workplace surveys in 2015 and again in 2018.

The BITC Race at Work Black Voices Report 2020 offers insights into the experiences of black employees in the workplace and reviews the trend data from the Race at Work 2018 survey. There are three priorities areas for action for the business response to the Black Lives Matter antiracism protests: leadership; allyship; and connecting to employees and communities and shares insights with employers  across the themes to help them take effective action for change.

In the UK there has been a groundswell in business response to these issues, and one of the ways that this has manifested is by more than 100 employers signing up for the Race at Work Charter within a 6-week window.

The Race at Work Charter was launched by the Government in 2018 in partnership with BITC. It contains a series of measures to tackle ethnic disparities in the workplace and sets out  a number of principles and actions for businesses to commit to publicly.

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