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If you are interested in volunteering with Gloucestershire Archives, please check this web page from time to time to see what volunteer opportunities we may have.  Check out the volunteering pages on the Heritage Hub website too as, depending on their nature, some volunteer opportunities will be advertised there. 

Our Values

We want you to thrive as a volunteer, as much as we want Gloucestershire Archives to thrive and grow with your help. We believe the relationship between the two is key; we value the contribution that volunteers make. Welcome to Gloucestershire Archives!

Why volunteer?

Our volunteers are aged 17 to 90+ years, and come from all sorts of backgrounds with a wide range of life experience. We value the contribution everyone can bring.

Read about Anna's experience here.

Volunteer testimonies: 

It has given me more self confidence.”

“My interest in the heritage has been strengthened and I intend to continue my volunteering and pursue other opportunities in this sector.”

“…volunteering is helping to give me the experience in archiving, so that I might be able to pursue a career in it.”

“I have enjoyed being a volunteer for the social side as well as the vast learning curve of not just local history but also national and international history, whilst doing something useful.”

I wanted a place which allowed me to develop new skills and improve confidence through voluntary work, whilst being understanding of my mental health issues. The Archives have provided me with all of the above.”

This is what our volunteers recently told us in our 2019 online Volunteer survey:

60% of our volunteers come to us because they want to learn new skills
78% of our volunteers tell us that they “want to give something back”
94% of our volunteers tell us that they enjoy themselves and have fun volunteering for us
70% of our volunteers tell us that their sense of well being has improved since they started volunteering for us
94% would recommend volunteering with us to their friends and family
90% of our volunteers tell us that they volunteer with us because they want to do something meaningful with their spare time 

Frequently asked questions:​


Please complete the online application form which you can download here and send it to or complete it online and click “submit”

Yes - we recruit with specific roles in mind. There are written Volunteer Role Descriptions for each role. The ones that are a priority (that we want to recruit to especially) will appear on our website.

Yes, you will be asked to give the names and contact details of 2 referees on your application form. These should not be relatives.

Yes, all reasonable travel costs can be reimbursed. You will be shown how to complete an expenses claim form.

We would not normally take someone under the age of 16, and there is no upper age limit!

No, but we would expect your dress and appearance to be clean and tidy, and appropriate to the task (smart casual).

Not necessarily, although you will certainly meet others and, of course, staff, and customers in some cases, depending on the role you undertake.

Yes, a member of the Gloucestershire Archives team. Occasionally, we may use other volunteers to support and guide you.

We will work with you to put things right. It may mean there is a training need on your part, or that the role you have been allocated is not a good match for you. All volunteer roles are initially for up to 3 months, and can be extended after that. On rare occasions this agreement may be ended by us after (or before) 3 months, depending on circumstances. Gloucestershire Archives @ the Heritage Hub reserves the right to end a volunteer agreement without notice.

Yes, you'll get all the training you need to undertake your role. There may also be opportunities for you to attend other in-house training courses. These will be free to you.

This is unlikely, but it’s a great way to build up a CV and develop skills for work. If you’re older it’s a great way to keep active. And for those people who want to go on to train as archivists it offers valuable 'hands-on' experience.

This is entirely up to you, and by negotiation with us. Some volunteers come in every week, others just a few times a year. A lot will depend on the task you are doing (e.g. is there a deadline?) and your own capacity. Some volunteers can do their work for us remotely (e.g. re-tweeting)  

You might like to join our Thursday Group - a small team of volunteers who meet on Thursday mornings to work on tasks led by one of our Archivists. Please contact if this sounds of interest. Alternatively, we will discuss your needs with you to see if we can find a way forward. We’re committed to removing barriers to volunteering wherever possible but must consider the needs of the service and our capacity to support you adequately.

Yes, although this will be very informal and more like a chat about what we want from you, and what you can expect from us.



Still have questions?

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