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Caring for your collection

Quick tips on how you can preserve your own records

Your records are unique and irreplaceable. Treat with great care as they may be easily damaged.

  • Avoid exposing to heat, dampness and direct sunlight
  • Don't eat or drink near the records, and ensure that any table-tops and surfaces used are thoroughly clean and dry beforehand
  • Handle with care.  If hands are clean and dry before handling, gloves are not necessary.  Otherwise wear clean cotton, vinyl or latex gloves
  • Open books carefully, and only as far as the binding will allow without forcing.  Close books when not in use
  • Keep items in archival quality packaging, as this will help protect the records from damage and preserve them for the future
  • Use only pencil to make notes
  • Never try to repair anything yourself, you could do more harm than good. Instead, have a look at the local conservators list below.
  • Download guidance on caring for a wide range of materials from the Institute of Conservation - how to care for series
  • Use the Conservation Register to find an accredited conservator

For guidance on keeping and storing records, including what you need to keep, see Adding to Gloucestershire Archives’ Collections

You can also find a suite of online training modules on the Heritage Hub website, aimed at anyone responsible for looking after a community or family archive. They provide guidance on gathering, keeping and sharing your physical or digital archive.  Check them out here.





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