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Messages from Gloucestershire leaders

Leaders at Gloucestershire County Council and partners share messages of support for the campaign and their own thoughts and commitment to equality.

Colin Chick

"It is important to recognise Black History Month to help people understand the importance and role of black people in society within the UK, not just over the last 70 years emanating from the Windrush generation who answered the call to help the rebuilding of the Mother Country, but over the centuries fighting for Britain in the First and Second World Wars and back to serving on board ships like HMS Victory during the Napoleonic Wars, or famously serving as nurses in the Crimea. It is important for people to understand and recognise that immense contribution to British society over the years such that the achievements are not conveniently airbrushed out of history and black people can feel proud to have role models that have made valuable contributions in the country’s development and therefore can proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with any citizen in this Country in respect to the positive difference they have made.

The importance of this and race equality I think is best summed up for me in a statement by Martin Luther King – ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

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