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LGPS Investments

Finance and Investments

The County Council is the designated statutory body (Administering Authority) responsible for administering the Gloucestershire LGPS Fund on behalf of its scheduled and admitted bodies. The council is responsible for setting investment policy, appointing suitable persons to implement that policy and carrying out reviews and monitoring of investments and performance.

The Council have delegated the duties of the Administering Authority to the Pension Committee, formerly known as the Investment Committee, whose role it is to advise the full Council on any matter relating to the proper management and maintenance of the Gloucestershire Pension Fund. The Committee can appoint investment advisors and consultants to assist them in this role.

The Committee has delegated the day-to-day management of the Fund's investments to professional investment managers, whose activities are governed by detailed Investment Management Agreements.

The Finance and Investment team are responsible for:

  • The management of all aspects of the Fund accounts and annual report 
  • The implementation and monitoring of compliance with the Fund's Investment Strategy
  • Liaising with employers on all matters in respect of actuarial and accounting queries
  • Managing the actuarial valuation process
  • The maintenance and updating of Fund policies in accordance with LGPS regulations and corporate policy. 

Pension Fund Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting – 2nd March 2023

Members and employers of the Fund are invited to attend the Pension Fund’s Annual Meeting which will take place on Thursday the 2nd of March 2023 at 2 pm in the Council Chamber, Shire Hall.

Please either phone 01452 328949 or email to register your intention to attend, quoting your name, membership status i.e., active, deferred or pensioner and the name of your employer, former employer or the employer you represent.  Please let us know if you have mobility issues and need assistance to access the building.


Investment Pooling -Brunel Pension Partnership Ltd (BPP)

In 2015, Government announced measures to reform the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) in an effort to reduce investment costs across the sector and ultimately deliver savings for local taxpayers.

Brunel Pension Partnership Ltd (BPP) is a Local Government Pensions scheme pool and was formed on 14th October 2016.  Brunel oversees the investment of pension fund assets for Avon, Buckinghamshire, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Environment Agency, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Somerset and Wiltshire funds.

The Gloucestershire Pension Fund, through the Pension Committee, retains the responsibility for setting the detailed Strategic Asset Allocation for the Fund and allocating investment assets to the portfolios provided by Brunel.


Brunel Responsible Investment Policy(RI)

Brunel Responsible Investment Outcome Report 2021

BPP Climate Change Statement

Brunel Stewardship Policy

Brunel Voting Guidelines

Gloucestershire Pension Fund - Hermes EOS Annual Review 2021


LGPS Regulations require administering authorities to prepare, maintain, and publish various statements.

Notice of Appointment of External Auditors from 2018/19

See Downloads below for the most recent statutory statements and publications

Annual Reports

Gloucestershire LGPS Annual report 2021-22 accompanying audit statement

Gloucestershire Local Government Pension Fund 2021/22 Annual Report

Gloucestershire Local Government Pension Fund 2020/21 Annual Report

Gloucestershire Local Government Pension Fund 2019/20 Annual Report

Gloucestershire Local Government Pension Fund 2018/19 Annual Report

Gloucestershire Local Government Pension Fund 2017/18 Annual Report


 Auditor's Reports

Independent Auditor's Consistency Report 2020/21


Actuarial Valuation Reports

Gloucestershire Local Government Pension Fund: Actuarial Valuation Report: March 2019

Gloucestershire Local Government Pension Fund: Actuarial Valuation Report: March 2016

Gloucestershire Local Government Pension Fund: Actuarial Valuation Report: March 2013


Policy Statements

Gloucestershire Pension Fund Exit Credit Policy

Gloucestershire Pension Fund Governance Policy & Compliance Statement

Gloucestershire Pension Fund Reporting and Recording Breeches of the Law Policy (approved December 2021)

Gloucestershire Pension Fund Statement of Administering Authority Discretions Policy (approved December 2021)

Gloucestershire County Council Communications Policy Statement (August 2018)

Gloucestershire County Council Pension Fund Investment Strategy Statement December 2022

Gloucestershire County Council Pension Fund Risk Management Policy December 2021

Pension Administration Strategy - Gloucestershire Local Government Pension Fund

Training Strategy


Funding Strategy Statements

Gloucestershire Local Government Pension - Funding Strategy Statement March 2021


Business Plan

 Gloucestershire Local Government Pension Fund Business Plan 2022/23


Pension Board Reports

Pension Board Report




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