Lindsey and her husband Andrew, both in their forties, are from Gloucester and have been fostering for Gloucestershire County Council since 2017. They regularly takes children and young people who come into care in an emergency.

"We started our fostering journey with Gloucestershire County Council in 2017 and decided that we wanted to foster children younger than 10 to fit in with the age of our young birth children (pictured).

Once we started, a baby came to stay and we loved the role! We are currently looking after siblings who are eighteen months and six months old.

After caring for a number of younger children, we felt we still had more to give and decided to start doing emergency fostering for teenagers. This means we go on a list of foster carers who can offer a temporary safe place to children who come into care out of hours while plans are made for their future.

This was the best thing we ever did! One young lady come for the weekend and is still with us two and a half years later. She is 15 now and will stay until she is ready to move on. She is a delight and is just finishing year 10 at school. 

We still take other teen placements as well as our permanent young person. They all bring a different atmosphere and energy to the house and have different relationships with all of us. Our family feels complete with a teenager or two bringing the fun, laughter and strops to our home. 

All teenagers have their moments but don’t we all? It can be so rewarding to stick by them when the going gets tough and they give back so much more.

We had one young lady come and stay who was regularly going missing. We definitely had our ups and downs but with clear boundaries, perseverance and a good sense of humour, she settled down. By the time she moved on six months later, she was doing so well and I could not of been any prouder. She is the funniest, bright light and we keep in touch often. 

There will always be up and downs with fostering teens but in my experience the ups far out way the downs."

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