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Social media information and standards

We welcome anyone with an interest in Gloucestershire life to follow us on social media. You can join the conversation on:

We also own and use other social media profiles. We look forward to hearing from you.


If you want to make a complaint, you must use our formal complaints procedure. If you speak to a member of our team on social media regarding a new or existing complaint, they will signpost you to this information.

Borough / city / district councils

If your enquiry or comment relates to the following topics, you should contact your local borough/city/district council (this list does not cover all issues that are dealt with by district councils):

  • Council tax
  • Business rates
  • Dog fouling
  • Fly-tipping
  • Noise
  • Parks
  • Pest control
  • Street cleaning (waste and dry leaves)
  • Waste collection (bins and recycling boxes)

Find your local borough / city / district council

Commercial material

We are governed by strict procurement rules and will not respond to posts of a commercial nature. Find out more about selling to the council.

Online reporting

If you want to report an issue with a pothole, street light, public right of way, overgrown plants, flooding etc. the best way to do this is through our online reporting tool. Your report will be allocated a reference number, with which you can add updates and track progress made on the issue.

Politicians / media

If you are a politician or work for the media, please contact our communications team directly. You can write to them at or call on 01452 427554 (if the matter is an emergency and you are calling out of hours, please ring 07747 898064).


We are often unable to consider complaints related to parking because there are other review or appeal processes in place. You can direct complaints to our parking team.

Political restrictions

As outlined in the National Code of Conduct for Communications in local government, we cannot engage on issues of party politics.

Road safety

If you see inappropriate behaviour by people using the roads, please report it to the Road Safety Community Hub.


Some roadworks are the council’s responsibility. Some, however, are the responsibility of other organisations.

  • Roadworks on motorways and some major roads are managed by National Highways.
  • Roadworks are sometimes arranged by utility companies (gas, water, electricity etc). We liaise with these companies, to help keep disruption to a minimum, but complaints about these works would need to be directed to the utility company directly. You can check who is working in your area you can find a map here on One Network.
  • To report a problem on our roads, please go to our report it page or for urgent highways issues please call 08000 5145414. Please do not report highway problems through social media.

Urgent matters

We do not have large teams monitoring our social media channels, so if your contact is about a serious, urgent or personal matter, you should get in touch with the relevant council department. If you call customer services on 01452 425000, they will be able to connect you.

Vulnerable adults

If you have concerns about the safety of a vulnerable adult, social media is not the right place to report it. Please contact Adult Social Care.

Vulnerable children

If you have concerns about the safety of a child, social media is not the right place to report it. Please contact Children's Social Care.

We reserve the right to change this information at any time.

Page updated: 22/09/2021 Page updated by: Gloucestershire County Council

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